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About the Project

In 2008 Data Pro Group Ltd. in cooperation with 6 other partnership organizations from 5 different countries launched Transfer of Innovation project “Computer based Exercise Generation and Evaluation System for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Subjects – GenExis”. The justification of the project was based on various research results which demonstrated a necessity for tools and methods that could increase the motivation and interest of pupils in natural sciences and mathematics subjects as well as improve the rates of their achievements.

The aim of the project is to promote the development of human resources and to increase motivation and knowledge level of students of vocational education institutions in the field of mathematics, physics and chemistry through the use of e-learning system GenExis in their study process.

The objectives of the project are:

Project Activities

In order to achieve the main result of the project – adapt the GenExis system in 5 partnership countries, following activities were carried out:

Another major group of project activities was directed at the dissemination of the project results. These included development and translation of the project brochures, dissemination of the demo CDs, participation in exhibitions and conferences (School 2009, ICETA 2008, ICETA 2009), organization of the seminars, publication of articles online and in different news bulletins, day to day meetings with key people in vocational education and training in all 5 partnership countries and others.