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National overview of educational systems and needs for natural sciences’ subjects in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and United Kingdom

The first stage of the GenExis system’s adaptation process included performance of a research work on existing educational system, particularly on vocational education and training, and use of ICT tools in the schools in each partnership country. The survey methodology and the report template were developed by Daugavpils University, but the research work was carried out by relevant partnership organization in each partnership country. The work methods and techniques included desk researches and in some cases interviews with the key people in vocational education and training.

The research results were summarized in a separate report for each country. Additionally short summary of each report is also available in a form of a PowerPoint presentation. Both materials are available for download:

LATVIA [PDF] report [PPT] presentation
ESTONIA [PDF] report [PPT] presentation
LITHUANIA [PDF] report [PPT] presentation
SLOVAKIA [PDF] report [PPT] presentation
UNITED KINGDOM [PDF] report [PPT] presentation