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GENEXIS 2.6 description

GENEXIS is an e-learning solution based on exercise generation engine that makes the learning process more efficient, attractive and engaging. It is based not only on ‘just-in-time’ and ‘just-for-you’ principles but also on ‘learning-by-doing’ principle.

The initial idea of GENEXIS was to resolve two great problems of teaching and learning process - inefficient consumption of teaching time on exercise creation and monitoring and lack of interest in study process among learners. It has been done by providing an attractive, engaging and simple learning and teaching environment that reflects the modern internet-saturated life.

Main features of GENEXIS:

GENEXIS functionality:

GENEXIS provides individualized training and practice, enhanced with a powerful personal statistics tool. This engages students in the learning process, helping them manage their own studies and identify the areas where they need assistance.
traditional printed educational materials can be produced using GENEXIS exercises. A range of printing options support the creation of tests with answers for homework, handouts of solution examples and question sheets for written tests and exams.
GENEXIS includes a system of online knowledge evaluation based on scheduled, timed tests. Range of functions allows teachers to prepare various tests for different purposes (homework, control work, exams etc.)
GENEXIS system is supported by a powerful statistics tool that allows students to monitor their individual progress and teachers to see online test results straight after it has been completed.

GENEXIS system improvements during the project

GENEXIS system has been continuously improved during the project based on research results on educational system requirements in partnership countries, general feedback from the project partners, system’s assessment from the pedagogical point of view done by Daugavpils University and testing results. Overall the improvements done to the GENEXIS system have been of great importance and as a result the complete version of the GENEXIS system in 5 different languages (Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Slovak and English) with better functionality and basic educational content in mathematics, physics and chemistry has been delivered. You can try out the adapted version of the system.